Fernridge Christmas Tree Forest is a family operated farm that grows Christmas Trees. Bring your family and friends and cut your own tree from our forest.

2828 208 St, Langley City, BC, V2Z 2B1
(604) 530-8759

Christmas tree types at Fernridge Christmas Tree Forest:

Douglas Fir has been a classic choice for a Christmas Tree in BC for many years due to its pyramidal shape, medium green soft needles and sweet smelling scent. This variety is faster growing than other varieties grown at Fernridge as well as being the variety of which we grow the most of.

Fraser Fir is known for its ability to hold onto its needles the longest. Fraser Fir has a classic European look to the tree because of its sturdy branches, short needles and open spaces between branches. Fraser Fir needles have a green blue color and a mild fragrance usually with a thick strong top.

Grand Fir is known for its amazing aromatic qualities that really smells like “Christmas”. The Grand Fir has glossy dark green flat shaped needles with a white colored underside. Grand Fir often has a bushy appearance, with finer branches and usually a thick strong top.

Noble Fir is known for its flat strong branches and upright blue green colored needles that give it a much sought after regal appearance. Noble Fir have spaces between their flat branches that some say are the perfect size for hanging ornaments. Noble Fir are slow growing and have a mild fragrance with needle retention almost as long as the Fraser Fir.

Winter activities and services at Fernridge Christmas Tree Forest:

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